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Precautions for use and maintenance of LED panel lamp

Date: 2022-03-02   Hits: 482

1. Before use, confirm whether the product is damaged during transportation. If it is damaged, it cannot be installed and used.

2. Do not try to repair by yourself, please have it repaired by a professional engineer.

3. Keep materials away from children. Small parts of the product should not be swallowed by children. Don't let children touch live equipment.

4. Don't use the led to illuminate other people's eyes for a long time.

5. Keep away from open flames or hot objects.

6. If the product exceeds its service life, it needs to be repaired, inspected or scrapped.

7. Do not use chemicals or corrosive things to clean.

8. Please clean with a dry or relatively dry cloth.

9. Be sure to turn off the power before cleaning the lamps.

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