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What are the purchasing skills and installation methods of ceiling lamps

Date: 2022-03-02   Hits: 522

Ceiling lamps are widely used. At present, they have become common lamps in offices, families, entertainment and other places. Due to the fashionable appearance design and various styles of ceiling lamps, more and more people begin to favor ceiling lamps. What are the purchasing and installation skills of ceiling lamps? Don't worry. The following Jiuzheng lamp network will explain it to you. Let's have a look with friends who want to know!

What are the purchasing skills of ceiling lamps

1. Look at the lights

Most ceiling lamps can be divided into ordinary incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, LED lamps, etc. according to different light sources. Ceiling lamps with different light sources are applicable in different places. Generally, LED lamps should be preferred for household ceiling lamps. Check whether the light source is bright and whether the color temperature is appropriate. Identifying whether the color temperature is appropriate is actually very simple. Just light up a lamp and then stand under the lamp to read. If the handwriting looks clear and bright, it shows that the light source is better and the light efficiency is high. If you can't see clearly, it's poor. There is also a simpler way, that is, put the palm of your hand next to the light source and look at the color of the palm. If it is ruddy, clarify that the color temperature is just right and the color rendering is good. If the palm is blue or purple, clarify that the color temperature is too high.

2. Look at electrical appliances

Electrical appliance is one of the components of lamps and lanterns. Its main function is to help the light source emit light stably, or to give the light source an instant starting voltage. The electrical appliances of lamps are also called ballasts. All fluorescent light sources can be lit only with ballasts. Ballasts can bring instant starting voltage and working stability to the light source. The quality of ballasts directly determines the service life and light efficiency of this ceiling lamp.

3. Look at the covering material

There are many mask materials on the market. The common ones are acrylic mask, plastic mask and glass mask. Generally, it is an imported acrylic mask after secondary stretching. Its characteristics are soft, good light transmittance and not easy to be dyed. When purchasing, you can press your hand on the mask to see how soft it is and how soft it is. Then put the palm of your hand to see the color. It's ruddy. Try to open the cover to see if it can be easily disassembled. Open it to see if the clips of light source, electrical appliances and wires are firm, and whether the wiring is uniform, not messy and tangled.

4. Look at the size

Due to different sizes and functions in different rooms, the volume and wattage of ceiling lamps are also different. For example, for bedrooms with a diameter of less than 45cm, ceiling lamps with a wattage of about 100W can be selected for bedrooms with a diameter of less than 10 square meters; For bedrooms with a size of 10-20 square meters, lamps with a diameter of 60cm and a wattage of about 200W can be selected; For bedrooms of 20-30 square meters, lamps with a diameter of 80cm and a light source of 300-400w can be selected; In a larger bedroom, you can choose lamps with a diameter of more than 100cm.

If it is in the living room, the living room below 12 square meters can use ceiling lamps with a diameter of 20cm; Ceiling lamps with a diameter of 30cm-40cm can be selected in the living room of about 15 square meters. Note that after installing ceiling lamps in the living room, try to install some downlights, spotlights and other auxiliary lights to help lighting!

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